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The origin of our diamonds – We take responsibility!

Learn more about the responsibility Wempe assumes and the confidence you may place in us.

The Wempe Responsibility Policy

1. We can assure you that we do not sell any conflict diamonds.

2. Our suppliers guarantee that our diamonds have been purchased from conflict-free sources only.

3. The diamond industry instigated the Kimberley Process in 2002 to combat the trade in conflict diamonds. Today more than 99 % of the diamonds in circulation worldwide are certified as coming from conflict-free sources.

4. The diamond industry employs worldwide (directly or indirectly) approx. 10 million people. Diamonds are one of the world’s most important natural resources. They can help to improve the standard of living also in Africa. Being involved in the diamond trade, we do not forget that this industry has also created jobs, built hospitals and roads and financed education. We take into account all these aspects when selecting our partners.


What are conflict diamonds or blood diamonds?

Conflict diamonds or blood diamonds are diamonds that are mined illegally and traded to fund civil wars and other conflicts.

In the 1990s the world public realized that certain rebel groups in Africa (for example Sierra Leone, Congo and Nigeria) were selling amongst other things illegally mined diamonds to fund their bloody wars against legitimate and internationally recognized governments.

Although conflict diamonds have always represented a very small part in the worldwide trade (4% in the worst times), the diamond industry realized that it is absolutely necessary from moral grounds, and naturally as well for commercial reasons, to take joint and decisive action against this problem.
On 5 November 2002, 52 governments ratified and adopted the Kimberley Process. The aim of this initiative is to eradicate worldwide the illegal mining and trade of diamonds to fund conflicts.
69 governments worldwide have committed themselves to adopt the Kimberley Process. It is mandated by the UN and carried out in collaboration with NGOs and the diamond industry. The compliance with the Process guidelines is also enshrined into the national law of those countries. The Kimberley Process ensures that any shipment of rough diamonds passing an international border has to be transported in sealed and tamper-proof containers. It has to be accompanied by a government-validated Kimberley Process Certificate confirming the conflict-free origin of the diamonds.

Each certificate has to state the contents of the shipment and must be forgery-proof and serially numbered. It is only permitted to supply rough diamonds to other countries who have adopted the Kimberley Process. Shipments of rough diamonds without such a certificate are not allowed to be imported into countries who have adopted the Kimberley Process. Furthermore, the Kimberley Process requires the participating countries to carry out internal checks to protect the diamonds already on their way for first export.
Following every supplier has to guarantee in writing to its buyer that the diamonds being sold are conflict-free. This system is called the “System of Warranties”.

The Wempe diamond purchase department is permanently in contact with its suppliers to ensure that no conflict diamonds enter the company Wempe.
We require a written statement from our suppliers that the diamonds we have purchased from them are conflict-free (System of Warranties). Furthermore, we keep ourselves informed about the latest developments in this matter via the DTC, the distribution arm of De Beers.

Since the introduction of the Kimberley Process the part of conflict diamonds has been reduced to less than 1 %. This means that more than 99 % of all diamonds are clean. At the moment, only the Central African Republic, the Republic of the Congo and Ivory Coast are still under UN sanctions.

We at Wempe can guarantee you that we sell conflict-free diamonds. You may rely on us as a result of our corporate commitment and the continuous System of Warranties.