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Please come in and discover pieces of jewelry that not only emit our sense of quality and style in every ray of light, but also brilliantly reflect our over 130 years of professional experience. As your jeweler on an international scale we present your dreams and imagination with a completely new world of bracelets, gold and silver rings, pearls and colliers. Convince yourself of precision and artistic expression acquired through over a century of know how: Welcome to Wempe!

Wempe watches

Stop time and experience our collection of fine watches. From the early beginnings of our history to this day, we have worked on perfection and absolute precision, culminating in our Zeitmeister collection and watches that represent timeless value. Please visit our watch shop London location and witness quality and the artistic value of Wempe watches with your own eyes. Our experts in attendance are always on hand if you wish for a counselling session or want to experience our watches and jewelery first-hand. Become a part of Wempe history!

We are looking forward to meeting you!

Wempe Zeitmeister diver's  and sport watches

Wempe Zeitmeister diver's and sport watches

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The Wempe Watch Blog

The Wempe Watch Blog

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Helioro BY KIM jewelled watch

Helioro BY KIM jewelled watch

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